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Prakash Garg is a self-taught artist and interior designer who initially chose IT Engineering as his field of study. But, owing to his incessant urge to create art, he later found his silver lining and currently, continues to climb the steps in the world of art. His roots emerge from the small town of Batauli, Chhattisgarh, India but to pursue his higher education, Prakash later moved to Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. It goes without saying that he has a knack for pouring his soul into his work and strives to create something with a metaphysical element every time, to portray something which transcends the world. Coming from humble beginnings, he lives by the quote, “Lack of resources is just an excuse, if you are severe towards it, you can find a way.” Similar philosophies have shaped and embellished Prakash’s path till now and these beliefs have also undoubtedly changed his life. It was five years back when Prakash unravelled the creative prowess of a paint brush and canvas. Since then, his love for art hasn’t let him sit ideal.

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  • Interior Designing
    Performance art
    Paper Carving
    Creative Painting Works
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Prakash’s paintings enjoy quite a lot of limelight, not only from India but also from abroad. He also has many feather to his caps, a lot of them through national and international awards. Throughout his career, Prakash has been honoured with the following awards:

  • 1. NBH international youth creativity award Bahrain 2016.

    2. Agra gaurav award sarguja, India 2016

    3. TOYIO Award by JCI Raipur, 2018

    4. Achiever’s award for innovative art, Goa 2018

    5. Shorong International Art Award, Srilanka 2018

Not only this, but to share his creative mind set and to project the spark of optimism into the world, he has also been a part of many exhibits, some of which include:

  • 1. Vayapaar mela, Bilaspur 2014

    2. Neemach Annual Exhibition, neemach 2015

    3. Hi Life Exhibition, The Westin, Pune India 2015

    4. Solo Art Exhibition, Nishant’s Nwxt World, Ambikapur India 2015

    5. NBH Art Exhibition, Manama Bahrain 2016

    6. MAVERICK a solo art exhibition in Raipur 2017

    7. ZAPALOOZA the grovest art exhibition, Pune 2017

    8. Solo art exhibition in Raipur 2018

    9. Tattvam Night bazaar, Raipur 2018

    10. Glamaroma exhibition for charity fund by Round Table, Bilaspur 2018

    11. Achiever’s award and art exhibition by Malakar foundation, Goa 2018

    12. Shorong International group art exhibition, Colombo, Srilanka 2018

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