What is project batauli?

Project Batauli is the free art workshop for the kids who are living in the village and above the mountains and they have absolutely no access to the art supplies and they don’t have much idea about the career in the field of Art.
I am being known to a lot of people just because of my art and being an artist it’s my responsibility to give the basic knowledge of art and the carrier in the same field to each kids in my village So the idea is to reach out those kids, teach them a little bit of art and give them chance to learn different form of art and see their artistic skills.
Sometimes people around us are extremely talented all they need is a little bit of resource and a little knowledge and I believe that this action will give a lot of creative people and if I can help any of those kid to perceive their creative career and achieve their dream then it’ll be a big success for my whole project.
This is project batauli and i need your good wishes for the same.

-Prakash Garg

How do we manage funding for project batauli

To support this whole project I have created a whole new series of artefacts and named it as Batauli. With the profit of the same I buy art supplies and manage other essential expanses. Each artefact of this series is inspired by different places of Batauli.

how To volunteer in project Batauli

If you’re solo or in group in both the cases you can volunteer in our project.
this volunteering is self sponsored that means the volunteer need to bare their own expanses.
During this volunteering period the volunteer will get the chance to stay in incredible mud house in the village and can taste their authentic food. Nature walk and trekking will be a part of this homestay.

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