The night walk and the priorities

For the first time I portrayed what I dreamed recently and reason behind this was “it was not a positive thought neither a negative one but this dream taught me a little lesson “
We all have... Read More

Friends or crowd

I am lucky that I have friends in whom spirituality is alive. I get frustrated with life, people, circumstances and even from myself but these friends always stand with me, to make me... Read More

Inside out

Inside me there’s a closer view of that universe but I don’t know how to see that, at least I don’t know as of now.I’m facing a lamp which is temporary but at least there’s a hope.... Read More

He told god everything

You remember that Syrian kid, who said “ i will tell god everything” i guess he already did..

He told god how cruel we are,he told god how selfish we are.

It’s not only him... Read More

The rope was too long and I couldn’t see

I can't see, just feel. I can feel how my heart is showing me dreams of a bright world, and on the other hand my intellect is telling me to get away from it, I do not know whether it is intelligence o... Read More

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