Spirituality आध्यात्म ‎روحانیت

As a human when we grow, we experience quite different definitions of spirituality.

When i was  young, I was very religious, I used to chant for hours, I didn’t like the people of other religions, at that time I didn’t know the meaning of whatever I was doing, more or less I had blind faith in my God.

I grew up a little and I went to the city for higher studies, I met a lot of nice people from different culture, different religions. I stopped believing in God. In this phase of life I was learning to respect people outside religion.

After completing the graduation when I went through  a lot of emotional waves, mental instability, anxiety and confusion then I took help of art and meditation and that was a complete change in my life.

“I became spiritual”

I found that something from which i was running away for so long, something I didn’t want to touch me, is actually the base of my existence.

We run away from spirituality to pretend ourselves cool and modern but actually this spirituality is the base of our existence.

We are tied to a rope indeed but the only person who’s controlling this rope is us, leave the rope slowly and rest in the divine floor of spirituality, we don’t always need to struggle...

Actually there’s one more thing that came in my observation all this time and that was “if we want to understand anything then we need to get out of it and have a broader view be it a model or religion”

I’m not saying this is my ultimate take of spirituality but till this point of my journey this is my experience.

Painting details-

Year of creation-2020

Size- 24”x30”

Base- Canvas

Medium- Acrylic

Framing- Unframed

Original- Not for sale

Copy availability-  available

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