Universal peace announcement

How a peace messenger will look like? 

 From where will he come? 

Will he be an alien? 

 What is called alien?

 If we find another life in the universe they’re alien and if they find us, we’re aliens, isn’t it that simple? You know what all we need for peace? 

 Plant a tree, talk to someone nicely, read a book, do a little yoga, play with a child or sing n nice song. Peace is as tiny as you can imagine and it is as easy as water which fits in any jar and adopts the colour you offer but we think peace is the ocean, deep n scary. We forget that even ocean is made of several water drops and each drop of same water is so very easy and so soft. 

I’m among those fools who desperately waiting for the universal peace announcement and doing nothing to make it happen.

 I wonder how long it’ll take and how many lives will end waiting for that moment, Will i be among those on the floor! Definitely yes if I will not be a messenger but i will not let it happen, I’m sending a peace message, not to the universe or to the world but within myself, just for myself and that’ll be enough I’m sure.

 Painting details-

 Year of creation-2020 

 Size- 45”x45” 

 Base- Canvas 

 Medium- Acrylic 

 Framing- Unframed 

 Original- Available 

 Copy availability- available

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