The Same Planet

We often believe in a fancy phrase that says, “The world is a small place” But do we really believe in it? If yes then why do we ignore the violence around us? Actually we feel the pain of those to whom we are close, and we often ignore the feeling and emotions of those who are far from our life or the ones we don’t want in our life. Instead of reading the novels about pain and love of those whom we don’t know, can’t we find out a little time for those who are around us? Who are fighting for their life and struggling with their emotions. This world is indeed a small place but we need to see it from a broader perspective. I am not saying we should break all the walls but at least we can put a small hole in the wall of rigidity, standards, rules and regulations just to look what’s going on around us, so that we can understand the life which is out of the books and records and if not then start believing that- “This world is way too big to understand."

Painting details-

 Year of creation-2020

 Base- Canvas

 Medium- Acrylic

 Framing- Unframed

 Original- Available

 Copy availability- available 

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