The Same Planet

We often believe in a fancy phrase that says, “The world is a small place” But do we really believe in it? If yes then why do we ignore the violence around us? Actually we feel the pain of t... Read More

Universal peace announcement

How a peace messenger will look like? 

 From where will he come? 

Will he be an alien? 

 What is called alien?

 If we find another life in the ... Read More

गर्भगृह (Garbhgriha)


मैं सोचता हूँ कैसा होगा वो नज़ारा जब शिव पहली बार धरती पर आ... Read More

Spirituality आध्यात्म ‎روحانیت

As a human when we grow, we experience quite different definitions of spirituality.

When i was  young, I was very religious, I used to chant for hours, I didn’t like the people... Read More

You only know yourself

No any other person or any species is as open as you see from your eyes, we only know a part of a person even about our very own family.
Don’t ever dare to think that you know someone (or som... Read More

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